Red and Red Maxi Dress

The red floral maxi dress is very elegant and graceful. I wish i ad ordered my red maxi maternity dress from your site. This long red maxi dress is sooo beautiful and stunning. I was terrified that the colour i chose would not be the same as on the screen.

How to get perfect Drop Waist Maxi Dress

This black drop waist maxi dress is beautiful but from the waist down it’s black. This fitted lux lace design comes in a bewitching smoky fancy color. This drop waist chevron maxi dress is perfect for me to wear to my sons wedding. The fabric is wonderful quality, and it’s

How to choose popular Infinity Maxi Dress

This maxi infinity dress is for my graduation next month. Loved dress but returned maxi infinity dress because tart infinity maxi dress is very short. Look beautiful for the special event in this stephanie evening gown. Thank you so much for making me such a beautiful maxi infinity dress:). Shipping

Casual styles of Jersey Maxi Dress

But overall, i’m in love with this grey jersey maxi dress. I received tons of compliments on the jersey maxi dresses. Is there a way for me to see this jersey knit maxi dress in the grape color. White jersey maxi dress fits perfectly and long sleeve jersey maxi dress

Casual styles of Champagne Maxi Dress

My champagne maxi dress arrived 6 days after i ordered it and it is lovely. Now everything goes well and i got my champagne maxi dress. I am very impressed. Style with a moto jacket and heeled ankle booties for a killer look. The maxi champagne dress is very well

5 ways of wearing a Lipsy Maxi Dress

I wore this lipsy maxi dress blue on a cruise ship for the captains dinner. I am so excited. Overall, it took 7 days from order until we got the black and white lipsy maxi dress. The cropped top has lace quarter length sleeves and lace throughout. This black lipsy

Advantages of wearing Green Maxi Dress

I purchased this dark green maxi dress for my son’s wedding. This nude midi with fancy lace overlay is a stunning occasion dress. 06 night, and i got it on jan. Thank you so much for making this beautiful long sleeve green maxi dress for me. Thank you for making

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